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2020.05.08 | 19:00 -
「あおやまのおきば」|"Okiba in Aoyama"
at MoonRomantic
出 演
寺尾紗穂 | 歌、ピアノ・キーボード
松井一平 | ライブドローイング



*Flyer artwork:Ippei Matsui

Live stream
"Okiba in Aoyama" at Moon Romantic
Saho Terao and Ippei Matsui
Music and Live drawing
On Air: This Friday, May 8, 7:00 pm Japan time
(PDT: May 8, 3 am/CDT: May 8, 5 am/EDT: May 8, 6 am)
Flyer Painting: Ippei Matsui
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